About Our School

Our system is an eclectic style with its roots in the Okinawan system of Shorin ryu, and the Japanese systems of Wado ryu and Shotokan karate.  Over the years, many other styles have been added.  We believe that no single style is superior to the others but rather that each has strengths and weaknesses.  By combining them all into a single system, we have combined their strengths and minimized the weaknesses. 

There are different and distinct ranges to combat and you need to be strong at each in order to be fully capable of defending yourself in any situation.  We teach all of them.  Rather than molding the student into one particular style, USKS has a system that will maximize the abilities and potential of each student.  We have a perfect blend of tradition and adaptation to modern times that will satisfy everyone.  Our organization’s motto is “Power under Control” and all of our students learn to live that. 

We are a close knit organization that prides itself on excellent instruction, challenging training, professional facilities and instructors, and a total family training center where your whole family can improve their bodies and minds.  So feel free to blame us when your kids come home with better grades, healthier bodies, and more confidence and self-discipline. 


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